My Best Friend Emotions

My life pretty bleak and plain or so I thought. My friend Tarynn was one of my best friends she stood out and was more then average. Me on the other hand I was average I was chubby and didn't really have much going on in my life. Tarynn she was skinny and gorgeous with long pink hair she also had a boyfriend that changed her life. We spent most of our summer at the cabin around the fire just me and her. Her brother Landon was usually there as well with Tarynns Boyfriend Dominick. Dom was a retard most of the time same with Landon they loved to pull pranks and tease us.

Ageka Emotions

The cabin was pretty calm that night the lake was silent not even a fish had jumped the moon and stars shined in a perfect reflection in the lake. I stood on the deck in silence watching out on the lake as you could hear owls hoo-ing quietly in the distance my dirty blonde hair flying softly in the wind. I was here to get my mind off of things, but of course as every teenager on summer break that wasn't going to happen. I had just gone through a break up with my boyfriend Chris. I thought he was perfect but he had cheated so I wasn't in the best of moods as anyone could imagine.

"You feeling alright Sammi?" Tarynn mumbled walking onto the deck with a blanket wrapped tightly around her.

My eyes were starting to water and tears threatened to spill down my bright blue eyes. I sighed and turned to face her with a light smile.

"Yeah I'm fine." I said my light smile turning into a half smile.

"Okay if your fine then lets go back to the fire you look a little cold..." Tarynn sighed.

Tarynn knew me very well she knew everything about me and always knew when I was upset but she never pried because she knew she wouldnt get anything out of me that way.

Tarynn and I sat around the fire quietly I just stared at the flames as the Orange red and yellow flames engulfed the blue flame and danced in the pit in a graceful pattern.

Suddenly we heard a crack of a branch in the forest and both snapped our heads up to look at where it came from.

"Landon so help me god If that is you I will rip your intestines out and use them to fish with your body!" Tarynn snapped.

No one replied just the silence and light creaking of crickets.

"Maybe it was a fox Tare..." I mumbled feeling my arms get goosebumps. My hair stood on end at the thought of it being a bear or anything else. We heard a growl and both screamed ready to run if we had to. My heart pounding loudly in my chest as I could feel every hair on my body standing on end.


Tarynn and I screamed so loud I felt like my heart was going to jump out of my chest.

"You little jerk!" I screamed punching Landon in the arm.

"Gotcha!" Landon laughed pulling me into a hug.

"You gave me a fright!" Tarynn snapped.

"A fright since when did you become British?" Landon laughed as Tarynn slapped him.

Landon is tall and muscular with light brown hair and Dominick Tarynn's Boyfriend was tall with black hair. Both had Ice blue eyes. I was pretty sure the only one without blue eyes was Tarynn My eyes likes to change color.

We ran inside the cabin I was content for once and everything seemed fine. I was ready to head to bed when I heard screaming in the living room of Tarynn screaming at Dom. Here we go again I thought. They always fought but made up afterwards.

"YOU LOVE SOMEONE ELSE WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM! GET OUT GET OUT NOW!" Tarynn screamed throwing a vase at Dom's head.

Wait what? He was in love with someone else? Since when did this happen?

Tarynn ran out of the livingroom and into my arms clinging to me for dear life crying into my shoulder.

"What happened Tarynn?" I mumbled.

"He cheated! And he fell in love with some other girl!" Tarynn cried.

I gaped at this. Dom and Tarynn were dating for 3 years they always fought but I never thought he would ever do that!

I rubbed her back lightly whispering that it was going to be okay. Until she lifted her head up to look at me in the eyes and gave me a light kiss on the lips I was shocked to say the least but I still closed my eyes and kissed her back. I enjoyed it kissing her gave me a warm feeling in the pit of my stomach. She stopped and pulled away giving a light apology leaving the room with a sigh. What had just happened? My best friend kissed me and I enjoyed it. I sighed heading to bed. I slept for a while until I heard a loud scream and loud sobs from in the bathroom. I ran into the bathroom noticing Tarynn on the floor bleeding her wrists slit and a knife in her ribcage. My heart was beating in my chest a million times per minute. I ran to her tears running down my face and pulled her into my arms.

"WHY!" I snapped with angry tears falling down my face.

"I'm sorry..." Tarynn cried.

Tarynn's warm blood was starting to pool around me onto my clothes and on my hands and arms. Tarynn lifted a weak hand wiping my tears lightly with her bloody hands.

"Why did you do it why!" I screamed more tears falling.

I was losing my best friend, my sister I screamed for Landon as loudly as I could.

"I loved him... And I... I have brain cancer.... I was going to die anyway..." She coughed.

I screamed again for Landon again wondering where the hell he was. My ears were ringing and my heart was beating loudly in my chest.

"I love you Sammi Your my best friend..." Tarynn whispered.

"NO! Your not dying! YOUR NOT LEAVING ME!" I screamed.

I had been through so much she couldnt die she couldnt leave me alone!

Landon finally came running in as Tarynn went limp in my arms. I clung close to her crying hard into her chest. This wasn't happening! I couldn't lose my best friend! Everything felt like it was going in slow motion. The ambulance came but of course it was a little too late. I had lost my best friend. She had killed herself because she felt like there was nothing else to live for. I sat there on the cabin's couch motionless and Emotionless dead to the world. Landon sat infront of me and started wiping the dry bloody from my face and hands. I still sat there staring into empty space until Dom walked in. I snapped my head up and went running to him ramming him against the wall.

"YOU USELESS A-HOLE! YOUR THE REASON SHE'S DEAD!" I screamed slapping him across the face warm tears running down my face.

"I didn't do anything... I came here to apologize and talk to you and Landon." He snapped through clenched teeth pushing me off him and roughly into the couch.

"DON'T BLOODY TOUCH ME YOU JERK!" I screamed getting into his face again. My anger lost itself and I punched him in the face. Dom raised his hand to his face glancing at the blood from his split lip. He stomped out of the cabin as I collapsed to the ground in tears.

"Nice hit..." Landon whispered carrying me to the bedroom.

"I wanna go home..." I whispered.

"I'll take you home in the morning... until then please try to rest." He whispered with a sigh.

"How are you so calm... you just lost your sister.." I whimpered.

"Someone has to be calm for the two of us." Landon stated.

Landon took me home the next day. Needless to say I was never the same. I had lost my best friend and my sister that day I would never heal from that .

Note From the writter:

Hope you guys liked that Story It was from life experience so I hope you enjoyed it a little just kinda wanted to get the emotion written it would make me feel a little better. It would have been 3 years today that she's been dead so I'm writing it in her honor.

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